Stage Direction: Theater: Failure: A Love Story


Failure: A Love Story, Illinois Shakespeare Festival 2013

"Every time I take my seat before a performance, I hope it will be something special. Isn't that what theatre is all about? Isn't that why we go? I hope this show, this performance, will be special enough to transport me into the world of the play, introduce me to fascinating new characters, take me somewhere I haven't been before, broaden my horizons, spin me around and back again... And last Sunday night at the Illinois Shakespeare Festival's production of Philip Dawkins' Failure: A Love Story, that's exactly what happened. This production, directed by Andrew Park, artistic director of Chicago's Quest Theatre Ensemble, is full of puppets... Because they are front and center in Park's interpretation of the piece." --A Follow Spot

Failure: A Love Story: © Illinois Shakespeare Festival

Produced by Illinois Shakespeare Festival
Written by Phillip Dawkins
Directed by Andrew Park